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Project #895: Painting
The home needs painted! My aunt is not able to do it herself. She lives alone and has special needs. She is able to purchase the paint for the project but needs painters to do the job. There may be ladders at the home to use, but no guarantees. Paint...
Project #894
Elderly homeowner is in a wheelchair and took a ramp that is about 25 years old from her deceased mother's home and put it at hers. She states that is it pulling away from her porch and curving at the bottom of the ramp. She also has deck boards on h...
Project #893: help getting itmes done to bring home young man
Need several items done, the fella was involved in an automobile accident and they need to get the home ready for him. They need a wheelchair ramp built, bathroom wheelchair accessible and some other item in the home. This family is a very strong Chr...
Project #890
Homeowner owns trailer and had someone start to build a deck with the use of pallets. She states they never finished and the pallets are all different levels and there is no railing. She would like her deck to be leveled out and a railing to be done....
Project #889
Homeowner would like help with a flower bed. She would like to have the perennials taken out, the mulch removed (she thinks it is what is causing bugs to get into her plants) and dirt added to the area. Then re-plant the perennials. She thought that ...

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