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Project #1069: Trim bushes and trees
She needs help cutting a vine off her bird feeder and pulling out some plans behind her garage. She would also like her trees and bushes trimmed along with raking her driveway.
Project #1068: Sticks need cleaned up
She called asking if we could come over and help her clean up her yard from the recent windstorm.
Project #1066
Homeowner would like to have the sticks in her backyard picked up. There are quite a few from the winter storms and winds. They will need to be taken away as there is no place to put them on the property. Thank you.
Project #1065: Windstorm clean up
The windstorm caused a lot of branches, twigs, and sticks to fall all over the side and back yard. It's a big clean up job that Dorothy isn't able to do anymore.
Project #1064: Time Sensitive Request
This woman is in need of a routine Dr. visit to the IU Medical Center in Indianapolis but is having trouble keeping her appointment as she is unable to find transportation. She is trying to get a referral to a Dr. in the FW area that can help her but...

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