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Project #871
Colleen has about 8 shingles off of her garage and would like help getting new ones replaced before leaking occurs, she says they all came off along towards the edge of the garage roof. She states that the ones that came off are broken and not usable...
Project #869
Mrs. Brand is recently widowed and would like some help with outside yard work. She has some ivy growing that she would like help trimming back and pulling out as well as generally weeding. Thank you.
Project #868
Shelly recently purchased a home and has a closet that has only one shelf in it but it is to high for her to use. She states that there was obviously a shelf there as there are wooden holders on either side of the closet where a board would have set ...
Project #867
Penny recently lost her mother (on Mother's Day this year) and she and her father have been trying to keep things together. Her father is in his 90s and with Penny being disabled, they are finding it hard to manage and keep up with things. They live ...
Project #866
Judy has a back door that she uses to get in and out of her home since her ramp is at that door. She states that is no longer opens and closes properly and is causing issues with her being able to get in and out easy. Is not sure if this is a door i...

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