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Project #1167
toilet fell into basement and wiped out furnace and water heater. Carpet is donated and needs installed.
Project #1163
Aaron fell inside his house on 12/9/19 and is housed at Millers. Aaron cannot come home for 6-8 weeks and needs a ramp to enter his home safely.
Project #1156
Homeowner has chipmunks and squirrels in her walls and she thinks in her home at times. There are noises in the walls of her home and the lights in her hallway and bathroom are starting to not work properly when turned on, they are iffy, possible che...
Project #1150
Homeowner has leaves that have filled her gutters and she would like to have them cleaned out before winter sets in. She also has some leaves on her roof that can be reached with a rake and taken off of her roof. Thank you. JF
Project #1138
Cutting shrubs around my fathers house and my house

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