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Project #1148: Car Repair for Project 1145
Family car is in need of only car repair and the costs are more than family can afford at this time. Asking for help for part of the repair costs to replace a compressor so the mother can continue in her job search. Project #1145 NeighborLink DeKalb ...
Project #1145: car repair
a/c compressor pulley is ceased up. car has one serpentine belt that goes to 6 or 7 pulley. compressor cant be bypassed and no dumby pulley for my cars year. need someone to help with repair. I have no transportion for my family. my husband is disabl...
Project #1143: Timing Chain Installation
I have a 2007 Ford Escape that is in need of a timing chain kit installed.
Project #1138
Cutting shrubs around my fathers house and my house
Project #1137
This homeowner states that she is in need of a cement patch job on her front porch/foundation or corner. It was hard to tell where she was talking about to be honest with you. She stated that some cement had come off and it just needed to be patched ...

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