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Project #1097
Homeowner would like to have her windows washed inside and out. She is mostly wanting the large front window, kitchen windows and the screen doors done. If you would like to do the rest, that is up to you. She normally doesn't have her bedroom window...
Project #1096
Homeowner would like to have the rotting wood around her windows replaced. She states that the windows are fine but the wood sills on the outside need to be replaced. Thank you. JF
Project #1095
Homeowner would like to have a screen door replaced going from her home into the garage-she states that it has broken in half. She would also like to have a screen door of sorts installed on her front door so she can let her front door open in the go...
Project #1094
This homeowner is almost blind and is having surgery at the end of this month that will probably render her completely blind. She has a privacy fence on two sides of her home and would like to feel more protected by having another fence added to the ...
Project #1093
Homeowner has children that take turns mowing her grass each month and her son can no longer do. She would like to have someone come and mow her grass using her riding mower once a month. It takes about one hour to do and there is no trimming to be d...

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