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Project #987: Back storm door
The door on back of house is broken. It wont stay latched and glass fell out of top of door
Project #986
Terry is in need of help with his back deck. It has a few boards that need to be replaced. He would like to have it power washed and then sealed. Thank you.
Project #985
NeighborLink built a ramp for this couple a few years back and they are a delightful couple but are starting to age more with both being in their 80s and suffering with COPD. They have never gotten ahead of the yard work this year and would like some...
Project #984: Replace Flooring
Flooring just inside the front door is bad as it is rotting away. Need to get this repaired as soon as possible as there are children in the home. Due to significant back issues, I am unable to fix this myself. Recently unemployed and have signed ...
Project #983
Elaine moved the desk in her apartment away from the wall and two of the legs came off of it. She would like to have these put back on. She states that she tried to move the desk too many times by herself and this caused the issue as the desk was too...

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