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Project #899: Plumbing - Repair and/or Replace
I need my shower repaired and the bathroom and kitchen sinks replaced. I live in a 35 year old trailer and things are starting to fail. My toilet is also tilted sideways, the flooring is good but it needs leveled. 10-3-17 I spoke with this homeown...
Project #900
Homeowner has a 35 year old mobile home and has lived in it for 11 years and admitted to not doing many if any repairs or maintenance on it. He states that the flooring has rotted through and would like to have it replaced. I am not sure specifically...
Project #938
This project was first logged into the NeighborLink FW site by a Kortney Holliday. She states that the "caller" perhaps the homeowner here, reported she is needing help with fixing some of her ceiling in the living room and kitchen. She reported that...
Project #940
Homeowner has several issues with her home. She would like to have her windows replaced as the wood around the windows outside is rotting away. I spoke with her and stated that this may have to be hired done by a professional depending on how bad it ...
Project #941
Homeowner would like to have her bathroom and kitchen and kitchen cabinets painted. She was a heavy smoker and still smokes at times but is trying to quit due to her having severe COPD and is on oxygen so walls may need to washed before hand. She has...
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