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Project #935
Homeowner has floor tiles that are coming up from her floor in her kitchen area. She is requesting that something of more durability be placed down as the press on tiles don't last very long. Her kitchen is not that big being in a trailer and the sub...
Project #934
Homeowner has a broken window in her trailer that needs to be replaced. Just recently, she had a tree limb come down and tear the screen on her kitchen window and this also needs to be repaired. Thank you. JF
Project #933
Homeowner has several inside construction type issues that need to be addressed. She has some counter tops that are coming up from the counter and just need to be glued back down as well as the front pieces of said counter tops to be re-applied in sa...
Project #932
Homeower has a bathtub that has a hole in it from a falling shower curtain rod landing in the tub. She has it taped up but it cannot be used as it is. She would like to have this hole filled or repaired if possible. The door to this bathroom also nee...
Project #931
Homeowner would like to have a new storm door installed as the other one has been torn off with the weather. There is no protection now for her front door which is now peeling from the exposure so will need to be scraped and painted as well. The old ...

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