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Project #905: Roof leaking
My roof is leaking and would like to get it patched or something before it ruins my floor and everything else
Project #904
Tina called and stated that the trailer was in need of interior work, mainly the flooring. They live in Concord Manufacturing Trainer Park in Waterloo. When she was unsure of the answers to the questions, she put on her fiancee who lives with her and...
Project #903
HOmeowner would like to have two windows on her home painted on the outside. NL has purchased the exterior paint for this. They will need to be scraped before painting. One window is at the front of the house by the kitchen door and the other is in t...
Project #901
Homeowner states that the roof of his mobile home is rusty and needs to be coated or at least patched. When asked if it was leaking he stated not yet but google earthed his trailer and it was terrible and wants to prevent the leaking and get it taken...
Project #900
Homeowner has a 35 year old mobile home and has lived in it for 11 years and admitted to not doing many if any repairs or maintenance on it. He states that the flooring has rotted through and would like to have it replaced. I am not sure specifically...

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