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Project #1249: Roof
Lori is needing a new roof but for the winter time really needing a tarp over a section of the roof to tide her over until spring.
Project #1260
This woman had a trailer purchased by her daughter sight unseen to "help her out" so she wouldn't have to pay rent all the time. She bought the trailer cheap, lost her job leaving her mom to pay the rest of the amount due plus she found out that 5 mo...
Project #1304
Homeowner would like to have 2 windows removed and new ones put in, she states they are rotten and mildewed. We have already replaced 2 windows for her on the one side of her home, unsure of where these are located that need to be done. She is very h...
Project #1342: Board in the 3 front windows
Would like to board up 3 bay windows on the front of her trailer. Then either paint or aluminum side the boarded up windows.
Project #1356
Homeowner is in need of a new front door. She states that her current door is leaking a lot of cold air into the house. She doesn't think that weather stripping is the answer. She is able to help with the cost of the door. This is not a storm door th...
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