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Project #1112
This spouse called on behalf of her husband who has Parkinson's disease. He is currently in rehab and she is unsure of when he will be able to return home. He will be needing a ramp as he is unable to come and go from his home otherwise. They live in...
Project #1111
Homeowner has asthma and has made several attempts at staining her deck this summer but with rain and then the heat, she has been unable to get the task done. She has already purchased the stain she would like to have on it, the deck is only a year o...
Project #1110
need 2 toilets replaced in our mobile home...we will purchase them...just need someone to put them in for us
Project #1109
Homeowner has a ramp on the front of her home from her deceased husband's VA but she states that the garage and things that she uses are out the back door. She has fallen twice on her back steps and would like to have a ramp built there. Perhaps the ...
Project #1108
Homeowner stated that they would love to have their home painted on the exterior. They are unable to finance this and so it would have to come from volunteers totally. The wife stated that she was unsure if the husband has veteran status as he served...

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