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Project #1017
8-14-18 Homeowner has lost a large limb off a weeping willow tree that has fallen into her yard. It is still attached to the tree and needs to be taken off, it will take a chain saw she felt as it is fairly large. Jf PS I told her if volunteers cann...
Project #1015: Bathroom floor needs redone
Bathroom floor needs redone. Already half torn up.
Project #1014
Homeowner is blind and would like to have her deck stained. She stated that she can help with the purchase of the stain but has no idea how much stain she needs. She lives at the North Pointe Trailer Park in Garrett. Thank you. JF
Project #1013
Homeowner stated that there is a poison ivy shrub located in the alley between her and the neighbor's property that has gotten out of hand and is causing both herself and the neighbor's husband to have allergic reactions to it. It is more on the neig...
Project #1009: Loose Siding
She has some siding that has came loose above her sliding door on the East side of her house. Should just need popped back in place. Will need a 8 or 10 foot ladder.

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