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Project #1105
Homeowner lives in a manufactured home and has had various issues with her furnace. She has had a board replaced and thermostat and nothing seems to work properly. She has turned off her furnace all together until it can work satisfactorily. Referral...
Project #1102
Homeowner would like to have a ramp built. She is very unstable on her feet. She has one step out of her back door and has some uneven pavement to maneuver to get outside. Thank you. JF
Project #1101
Homeowner states that she has been really ill and on a lot of medicines. Her brother is unable due to his health help her out. She needs to have her gutters cleaned. Because she is on a lot of medicines, she is afraid to climb the ladder herself and ...
Project #1100
Homeowner had her floors damaged by water and was able to have someone come and repair them. She would like to have linoleum installed and has already purchased this. She is happy to make a donation to the ministry since she is able to, she just need...
Project #1099
This disabled man has cancer and has several needs, currently the greatest need is for a new deck off of the back of his home. It is apparently sinking and needs to be torn down and rebuilt to be sturdy for him to use safely. His step daughter, Catin...

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