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Project #1047
This couple has wood in their back yard that is in need of splitting so they can use it in their woodburning stove. The husband works M-F but is unable to do it because they don't have the necessary tools. Apparently, there is a tree that is down but...
Project #1046
This couple is without a working thermostat and therefore have turned off their furnace to help preserve their propane gas. They are currently heating with some other form of heat in the home as well as space heaters. NL referred them to Tarlton's an...
Project #1045
This homeowner has had multiple issues with his health including cancer and 4 years ago had a leg amputated. He is having trouble getting in and out of the bath tub and has started to fall doing so. His wife still works as a hairdresser but does not ...
Project #1044: Needs Furnace Work
Furnace repair or replacement. This is a family that I (Matt Lehmann) serve with my company. They have been trying to keep a wall heater working to get them by but it cannot keep up with the colder weather. Josh Otis is willing to go look at the t...
Project #1041
Homeowner and her husband who is suffering from COPD and mini strokes, has a trailer in which the bathroom flooring around the toilet is starting to rot away. They would like new sub flooring laid down as she states that the toilet is starting to sin...

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