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Project #1083: Vehicle Repair
2012 Dodge Grand Caravan used for transporting 25 year old son with cerebral palsy and his power wheelchair needs a transmission. The transmission pump is failing and it is expected to no longer be drivable within 6 months.
Project #1082
Homeowner would like to have have her windows cleaned. She stated that it will take at least 2-3 persons to do as they are the old combination storm and screen windows and will take longer to get them in and out and back in. She says she has plenty o...
Project #1081
Homeowner would like to have her eaves cleaned out. She lives in a one story home and has a ladder for you to use if you don't have one. She is hard of hearing and so you will have to speak loud when calling. Thank you. JF
Project #1079
This lady is currently in Miller's Merry Manor for rehab for a broken ankle. She is non weight bearing but hoping that will change with her upcoming Dr. appointment on the 26th. She has five steps into her trailer and will not be released to go home ...
Project #1078: Paint deck boards
Paint slip-resistant paint on old deck boards that were re-purposed from Michelle's old ramp. Plan to use the Sherwin-Williams paint with ground walnut shells mixed in.

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