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Project #1037: Windows
I have two windows that are rotting on the outside. With winter coming up I really need them to be replaced with a wife my mother in law and 3 little girls all under the age of 6 to be warm and so that heat doesn't escape through them and increase ou...
Project #1036
Ms. Edsel doesn't drive anymore and would like to have someone pick up her groceries about once a month--time on this varies--at Kroger. She orders them on line and just needs someone to arrange with her a day that will work for both her and the vol...
Project #1035
Homeowner's roof is starting to leak in one corner of her home--in the living room. Until she can get it replaced, she would like to have it at least tarped to protect the inside of her home. The leak is located on the one corner of the home. She has...
Project #1034
Homeowners are in need of a walk in shower. Currently the wife who has CP and is a homemaker, is in the hospital, the husband in retired. They are able to pay for all materials but are unable to pay for the cost of the labor having priced it all out....
Project #1033
This homeowner has some raspberry bushes she would like to have taken down to the ground. She purchased some new hedge cutters but was unable to use them due to her age--she pulled some of her back muscles in trying to use them. She will help you wit...

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