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Project #1058
Homeowner called and stated that her water pipes have frozen. We made arrangements for Auburn Heating and Plumbing to come and help her out. Manager at Westedge Trailer Park states that her heating tape is no longer effective and has drained her wat...
Project #1055
This disabled gentleman needs help with tasks around the house as he prepares to get it ready for the market. He is a very nice man (I spent some time with him recently) and has his church family also assisting him in getting things ready. His health...
Project #1052
Remove the jacuzzi tub and replace it with a handicap shower
Project #1049
NeighborLink built a ramp for this homeowner several years back and although it was built to code, the materials used were not what could have been used. She is having some nails popping up and would like to have them put back down. Also, she is havi...
Project #1047
This couple has wood in their back yard that is in need of splitting so they can use it in their woodburning stove. The husband works M-F but is unable to do it because they don't have the necessary tools. Apparently, there is a tree that is down but...

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