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Project #1029: Storage Unit Sorting
Kay has a storage unit that she needs helping sorting through. She is having difficulty in reaching the objects on top of some other things. It is too heavy for her to manage and her grandson was also having a hard time with it. She would be grateful...
Project #1027: Moving help
Brian would like help moving to his new mobile home. He closes on the new property on 9/4 and has until 10/5 to be out of his mobile home in Butler. He is moving to 4831 Wayne Park in Fort Wayne.
Project #1026
Homeowner is in need of someone to mow her yard. She had someone from her church doing it and he now has cancer and is unable to do so. She had her brother in law mow and help with cutting some trees out of the fence row but he states that he can't d...
Project #1024: Repair Back Door
Homeowner's back door was kicked in and no longer locks. The door does close but is not secured to protect against intruders. The homeowner is a single mom with 4 children and does not feel safe due to not being able to secure the home. The mother is...
Project #1023: Lawn Work
Homeowner in need of help to mow, trim weeds to get yard up to code. The yard is small. The homeowner is a single mother of four going through a difficult hardship and does not have the resources to purchase a weed eater or lawnmower. Please help her...

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