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Project #1137
This homeowner states that she is in need of a cement patch job on her front porch/foundation or corner. It was hard to tell where she was talking about to be honest with you. She stated that some cement had come off and it just needed to be patched ...
Project #1136
Homeowner has some painting to be done on the outside of her home. She needs to have part of her front porch, her front door and back door done. Paint will have to be supplied as well as taking your own supplies. She lives in a yellow and white house...
Project #1135
Gutters are leaking and need to be sealed. She has some leaf guards that have fallen into the gutters and need to be put back into place. She states they are currently clogged so at least cleaning them out before winter would be great. See project #1...
Project #1134
Homeowner is having a hard time with getting help with some issues regarding her home. This is the first of several projects that she has to be done. She has gutters that need to be cleaned out before the winter as they are already clogged up. She ha...
Project #1133
Homeowner would like to have some shrubs trimmed and weeding done before the snow falls. He doesn't want this done too early but later in the fall. His shrubs don't look really bad and it won't take long. He has a small tree in the corner of his fron...

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