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Project #1118
Garage floor is a dirt floor but is in need of a good cleaning from this and a few oil stains. Homeowner has tried several different things including cat litter and Mean Green, which worked the best. Homeowner says she would like it to be helped out ...
Project #1117
Weather stripping on front door is in need of replacing or just putting back on as it is coming off. Would like to have done before winter and thinks it would be great to have done ASAP to keep the cool inside the house. Thank you. JF
Project #1116
Garage door trim needs to be scraped and painted. She does not have the paint yet but can get when the project has been scheduled. Thank you. JF
Project #1115
Homeowner would like to have two shrubs taken out that have died and suggestions if you know of what to put back in those spots. She also has another shrub that has some dead spots that need to be trimmed out of it. Another just needs help with trimm...
Project #1114
Homeowner has had a stroke and has a mobile wheelchair but can no longer get out of his home. He would like a ramp off of his porch to be able to get in and out easily from his home. Thank you. JF

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