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Project #914
Put plastic over 8 exterior windows before the real cold weather hits.
Project #913: Help in clearing basement
We had our sump pump replaced on an emergent basis this past weekend. Our basement flooded. We have boxes and boxes of items accumulated from our past home and our parents' past home. We need to go through boxes and get rid of or donate items imme...
Project #912
The door into the trailer for this family has started to rot at the threshold and due to the illness of the husband, he is not always able to step over it. It no longer is able to support his weight and is rotted enough that rain is now coming in due...
Project #911
Carman called asking for help with fixing steps and adding a rail to her steps to assist in getting her husband in and out of the trailer. He has recently had removal of a brain tumor and it has left him weak with some physical disabilities. The tumo...
Project #910: URGENT NEED!
Father is asking for help for his son of which he has POA for. His son lives in a home that has a gable vent that has rotted and needs to be replaced. In order to do this, some siding will have to be removed and then replaced so someone with this ski...

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