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Project #933
Homeowner has several inside construction type issues that need to be addressed. She has some counter tops that are coming up from the counter and just need to be glued back down as well as the front pieces of said counter tops to be re-applied in sa...
Project #935
Homeowner has floor tiles that are coming up from her floor in her kitchen area. She is requesting that something of more durability be placed down as the press on tiles don't last very long. Her kitchen is not that big being in a trailer and the sub...
Project #941
Homeowner would like to have her bathroom and kitchen and kitchen cabinets painted. She was a heavy smoker and still smokes at times but is trying to quit due to her having severe COPD and is on oxygen so walls may need to washed before hand. She has...
Project #1045
This homeowner has had multiple issues with his health including cancer and 4 years ago had a leg amputated. He is having trouble getting in and out of the bath tub and has started to fall doing so. His wife still works as a hairdresser but does not ...
Project #1100
Homeowner had her floors damaged by water and was able to have someone come and repair them. She would like to have linoleum installed and has already purchased this. She is happy to make a donation to the ministry since she is able to, she just need...
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