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Project #1194
Homeowner would like to have the flower beds around her house cleaned out and in a small round area as well. Thank you. JF
Project #1192
This is being reposted from the NLFW site to ours. "I don't own a mower and can't afford one, someone recently complained to the city about my lawn and now I have 10 days to take care of it. I honestly have no idea what I'm going to do". if you can h...
Project #1191
Homeowner's house buttes up to a row of evergreens on another property. Her gutters need to be cleaned out again. They fill up fast! Thank you. JF 5-27-2020 Homeowner called and wanted to know if whoever cleaned her gutters would also trim her Ch...
Project #1190
Homeowner has overgrown shrubs in her front yard that she would like to have trimmed back down. Thank you. JF
Project #1189
Homeowner would like to have her patio that was blown down by a wind storm to be picked up and put into neat piles by her garage. She is afraid that the city is going to give her a code violation for the mess that is present in her backyard. Thank yo...
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