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Project #1160
This family has a car that is not working properly and it is stalling in the middle of the road. They are really having a tough time as one thing after another keeps going wrong. Referral to Barron's was given. JF
Project #1159: Heater
My heater is broken
Project #1158: Furnace help
Furnace went out. Need help fixing it. Was referred by Doug Thomas
Project #1156
Homeowner has chipmunks and squirrels in her walls and she thinks in her home at times. There are noises in the walls of her home and the lights in her hallway and bathroom are starting to not work properly when turned on, they are iffy, possible che...
Project #1155
Homeowner had someone that was to come and rake her leaves this year but he hurt his back and was unable to do the task. Homeowner would like to have her leaves raked. She stated that the water company stated that they probably only had a couple of m...

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