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I have been thinking about teams a lot lately....about what it is like to have a team that plays well together, what winning looks like and that special camaraderie teams have. My husband and I follow a certain baseball team during the summer and the...

Mission Week 2015

NeighborLink just completed its first Mission Week with the great help of Next Step Storm of which this week would not have happened. We started the week on April 27th and completed officially on May 2, having to be back at the last job site one more...

New Year--New Opportunities

It's a new year and new opportunities have come for NeighborLink DeKalb County in 2015! We are truly blessed by the open doors that God has given us. The Board of Directors and I have prayed that God would direct us in the new year, that we would kno...

Mission Trips---The Same Near or Far?

About a month ago, Bill and I went on a mission trip to Alabama. You might be wondering why we would do such a thing when we have a ministry and there are many needs here in DeKalb County. I wondered too, but just for a split second as I knew why we ...

And this is why we do this......

I can't seem to get one of the last projects that I did with my wonderful husband out of my mind....it was a job that was easy enough although it did take several hours, but it is not the job that I can't shake loose, it was the people that we served...

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Project #833

Homeowner is unable to mow her grass and her daughter usually helps out along with her son and grandson during the summer months. Daughter has had foot surgery and will be unable to mow this summer so her week of mowing will need to be covered. The h...

Project #832

These homeowners took in an Uncle that although he can walk some he has trouble at times and cannot navigate steps. He uses a wheelchair to get around for the most and this causes an issue to get him in and out of the home. Thank you for your help.

Project #826: Handicap ramp

I was contacted by Pat for help constructing a handicap ramp for Pats grand daughter. She is a minor with many health issues that is currently living in a health care facility. In order to bring her home with her grand parents they have many codes an...

Project #825

Homeowner states that her furnace is not safe to run. This furnace has been looked at by a pro and it does need to be replaced. Currently heating home with space heaters. Money is tight for this mother with 4 children so if can help with a replacemen...

Project #824

Kathy needs help painting her bedroom and kitchen. Elderly lady. Her husband died two years ago and needs help taking care of her home. Rooms will need to be cleaned before the painting can be done.


 Fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings

March 22 2017

6:00 - 8:00pm

Night of the NCAA Play in Games

10% of all proceeds will go towards projects for neighbors in need.

See our Facebook page for the coupon! 

Thank you!