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Project #1000
Sharon would like to have her shrubs/bushes trimmed. She is unable to do from physical restraints of torn rotator cuff and other ailments. Thank you. JF
Project #999
Sharon would like to have her windows washed on the outside only. She lives in a one story home. You will need to take the supplies with you. She has a torn rotator cuff and other physical restraints that prevents her from doing this. Thank you. JF
Project #998
Homeowner has a screen door that when opened scrapes the deck/porch. It probably just needs to be adjusted to the frame better. She is hard of hearing and so you will need to speak loudly to her when you call to do this project. She was referred to u...
Project #997
This project was requested by a friend of the homeowner but homeowner relented to the service knowing she had no one else to help her. She has a porch on her trailer that is of wood and "is starting to give way" when she walks on it--perhaps it just ...
Project #996
Homeowner would like new shutters put on her home. She has never had new ones, the originals are still on the house. She will purchase the new ones that she would like to have on her home. Thank you.

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