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Project #1051: URGENT REQUEST
This disabled Christian gentleman is in need of some help with moving a few boxes that are mostly already packed to his friend's home here in Auburn. He has limited mobility due to severe arthritis and is also on dialysis three days a week. He needs ...
Project #1049
NeighborLink built a ramp for this homeowner several years back and although it was built to code, the materials used were not what could have been used. She is having some nails popping up and would like to have them put back down. Also, she is havi...
Project #1048
Homeowner would like to have her leaves raked. Thank you. JF
Project #1047
This couple has wood in their back yard that is in need of splitting so they can use it in their woodburning stove. The husband works M-F but is unable to do it because they don't have the necessary tools. Apparently, there is a tree that is down but...
Project #1045
This homeowner has had multiple issues with his health including cancer and 4 years ago had a leg amputated. He is having trouble getting in and out of the bath tub and has started to fall doing so. His wife still works as a hairdresser but does not ...

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