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Project #1045
This homeowner has had multiple issues with his health including cancer and 4 years ago had a leg amputated. He is having trouble getting in and out of the bath tub and has started to fall doing so. His wife still works as a hairdresser but does not ...
Project #1137
This homeowner states that she is in need of a cement patch job on her front porch/foundation or corner. It was hard to tell where she was talking about to be honest with you. She stated that some cement had come off and it just needed to be patched ...
Project #1170: New Gutters and fascia
Our gutters and fascia are rotted and the wood is falling off.
Project #1228: Shower
My mom is 96 years old and is need of a walk in shower. She has a reg shower now. She can't lift her legs up to climb in. It would be greatly appreciated. The phone number listed if that of the daughter's, you will be calling her and making th...
Project #1242
This homeowner has had back surgery and is in need of a bathroom modification. He walks with a walker. He has a walk in shower but he states that the lip on it is too high and would like to have a lower lip on a walk in shower, he needs handrails, an...
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