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Project #1242
This homeowner has had back surgery and is in need of a bathroom modification. He walks with a walker. He has a walk in shower but he states that the lip on it is too high and would like to have a lower lip on a walk in shower, he needs handrails, an...
Project #1249: Roof
Lori is needing a new roof but for the winter time really needing a tarp over a section of the roof to tide her over until spring.
Project #1256
Homeowner moved into a trailer and was working on it on her own, tore out flooring and kitchen cabinets, the whole works. She took a flu shot and ended up very sick with GBS(Gulliam Barr Syndome) and now cannot do anything. She is walking with a walk...
Project #1258
This homeowner has a home in Garrett and owns it along with her 3 siblings, although they all live in other homes at the time, she is to have this home to live in. It has many needs and she would like to move in but cannot until things are taken care...
Project #1260
This woman had a trailer purchased by her daughter sight unseen to "help her out" so she wouldn't have to pay rent all the time. She bought the trailer cheap, lost her job leaving her mom to pay the rest of the amount due plus she found out that 5 mo...
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