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Project #899: Plumbing - Repair and/or Replace


I need my shower repaired and the bathroom and kitchen sinks replaced. I live in a 35 year old trailer and things are starting to fail. My toilet is also tilted sideways, the flooring is good but it needs leveled.

10-3-17 I spoke with this homeowner in length after receiving the call for help. He didn't think that he had posted his project correctly and he did! About this one...he stated when questioned further, that the handles on the sinks were leaking leading me to believe that perhaps this might be a repair requiring new gaskets and not new sinks as he is asking for. It is the faucets and handles to turn on the water that are leaking. He states that the shower head works but the faucet to fill the tub no longer works. He has lived in this 35 year old trailer for 11 years and admitted that he has not done anything with it repair wise or upkeep. Reasoning not given during this conversation. Other projects are being posted. Thank you. JF


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