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Project #1275: Looking for help setting timing on my truck

Auto Repair

I got taken advantage of when buying a used Chevy 5.7 350 truck last November, drove it half way home, after being told it was in running order, and it overheated and died on the side of the road. I have spent 3 months rebuilding the motor and battling daily migraines. I have no money, Iím out of work because of my medication conditions. Iíve had to learn as I went fixing this truck just trying to keep from getting completely ripped off. My wife bought me this truck with the tiny inheritance she got from her mother passing away. I have gotten to the point now that the truck starts and runs but the timing is off obviously because I had to take apart down to the head gaskets. I need someone that knows how to set it and has the tools to do it.


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