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Project #1271

Tangible Property Repair

This homeowner has requested help before but we were unable to assist due to the fact that she and her husband had a landlord. The landlord has passed away and according the the homeowner, the home is currently in limbo with the estate but should be relinquished to the homeowners by the landlord's son soon, so, it is still not their home. We are posting in hopes that it soon will be and we can assist them. Supposedly there was a leak under the sink in the kitchen and the linoleum and three cabinets need to be replaced. She stated that the counter tops also need to be replaced. The leak has been fixed but they do not have the funds to replace the cabinets. The husband went back to work from shoulder surgery but then had the other shoulder worked on and is off again. She is legally blind and is an organ transplant patient. She is very concerned about COVID and I am not sure how that looks going into their home at this time. If we can do this quickly and safely that would be great. Thank you. JF


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