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Tangible Property Repair

This homeowner has a home in Garrett and owns it along with her 3 siblings, although they all live in other homes at the time, she is to have this home to live in. It has many needs and she would like to move in but cannot until things are taken care of. It is in need of a new furnace, new hot water heater, and all new pipes as the copper piping in the house has been ripped out-stolen. She states that a tree limb fell on the roof and left a gaping hole but she can live in the house with the hole--I didn't think that was a good idea in putting in new furnace and having snow and water leak into the house. SO, homeowner is to get the roof repaired, find a contractor and we might be able to help with the costs depending on the repair needed. Then we can tackle the other issues. This is a childhood home. She works at the Allen County Library. Thank you. JF


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