Love your neighbor.


Graves Plumbing, Heating & A/C 260-927-6910

Michael Graves, licensed owner of Graves Plumbing and Heating has offered to assist NeighborLink clients if he is able to. He will assess the situation, call NL back with an estimate of the costs and we go from there, much like we do in working with Holt and Sons or any professional. He donates his time if it is not too much work. If the project requires minor repairs, he will take care of them and charge just for the parts. If it is major, he will call NL and let us know what he is proposing with the client and the situation is in the hands of the client, i.e. the cost of the replacement or major repair of a furnace. Our job is to refer them (pros) to the client and the contract is between the professional and the client at this point in time. We work as a means to which the professional can help the client out and get materials paid for through NL funds and with the help of the client if possible.

Holt and Sons Mechanical Services Inc. 260-925-511

Kenny Holt is a licensed owner and professional who has agreed to donate time to NeighborLink projects if he has the time in his normal hours. He will assess situations and get back to you before he does any work so that you know what you are up against or how to maybe go about a project that you are not sure about. He is a good resource with many tools and skills to offer. If you feel that you have a need for AC/Heating, plumbing, or minor house repairs, Kenny is great to go to and ask for help either physically or with how to help.