Love your neighbor.


Tarlton's Heating, Plumbing, Electrical and Air Conditioning, Inc. 260-357-5039

Marion and his son, Ty, have been partnering with NeighborLink now for several years and have done a great job in helping us help others. Peggy, Marion's wife answers the phone and helps with the logistics of getting you scheduled. Marion assesses each situation and is extremely honest in giving input into the situation. He is able to do just about anything you need in the realm of what his business says it is. The only issue is electrical in the city of Auburn where the ordinance states that any electrical work done has to be done by a master electrician of which he is not at this time but he can do anywhere else in the county. Marion has given us a discount on his labor and is just a great partner. He will get to you when his schedule permits and treats everyone the same. We are proud to partner with Marion and his son, they have been a huge blessing to us and our community. 

Barron's Automotive 260-927-8202

Jonathon Barron and his partner, Joel, have formed a partnership with NeighborLink repairing cars for us that are in need. They will work them into their schedule as their time permits and they do an excellent job. They are upfront with the issues and costs and we appreciate everything that they do for us. They are always willing to help and go above and beyond helping us and our neighbors. We love going to them with our personal business as a result of the job they do! 

Holt and Sons Mechanical Services Inc. 260-925-511

Kenny Holt is a licensed owner and professional who has agreed to donate time to NeighborLink projects if he has the time in his normal hours. He will assess situations and get back to you before he does any work so that you know what you are up against or how to maybe go about a project that you are not sure about. He is a good resource with many tools and skills to offer. If you feel that you have a need for AC/Heating, plumbing, or minor house repairs, Kenny is great to go to and ask for help either physically or with how to help.