Love your neighbor.

New Year--New Opportunities


It's a new year and new opportunities have come for NeighborLink DeKalb County in 2015! We are truly blessed by the open doors that God has given us. The Board of Directors and I have prayed that God would direct us in the new year, that we would know what paths He wants us to take. He has answered those prayers and sent opportunities to us to use for His glory. We are excited to offer you the opportunity of working alongside NeighborLink and Next Step Storm as we partner together in service. This ministry from Birmingham, AL is coming for a week in April to share with us their desire to bring not only more volunteers to us by helping us promote NeighborLink, but by serving our neighbors in need with love. We are thrilled to be hosting them for this week, to be serving with them in our own communitites, loving on our own neighbors and bringing the opportunity of serving to more people from northeast Indiana. We have been called to serve and now you have the opportunity to answer that call--along with other northeast Indiana volunteers who wish to serve God by showing their love to others. It is really easy, just do a heart check and answer the call! There is something for everyone to do, be it a visit to someone who just needs a listening ear to someone who has rain pouring in from their roof. We all have needs but not everyone has a way to have those needs met. Let us offer you the opportunity to be that someone that meets a need for someone that otherwise will have a need go un-met in 2015. We look forward to all of the other opportunities that will be placed in our path this year, that we will grab them and run with them! It is a great feeling to know that the Almighty answers our prayers and that we are so priviledged to get to do His work. I hope that you join us as we reach out to our neighbors in 2015! It's a new year and I am excited for all that will be happening! Join us by signing up as a volunteer! You will be blessed more than the blessings you will be sharing with your neighbor---guaranteed!