Love your neighbor.

Shots Not Taken Are Shots Missed


I was traveling the other day and saw this saying by Wayne Gretzky "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." Now, I am no athlete by any stretch of the imagination but I knew that Mr. Gretzky was a great hockey player and had done some great things on the ice. That saying though got me to many shots do I miss because I don't take them? Then I started to think about my day, what had I done--any missed shots? And the day before and the day before, I probably had missed a lot. All those opportunities to do something for someone, those minutes that I frivoled away that I could have been doing something more worthwhile. It makes one wonder how much more one could do if more shots were taken. I have since tried to think about each of my days as a in which I need to take as many shots as I can and to tell you the truth, I am getting a lot more done during the day. It is a great feeling to end the day knowing that I took all the shots that I could and that I was as accomplished as I could be. Are there days I could do more? Probably so....but at the end of the day, I am feeling a bit more satisfied knowing that shots missed are no longer standing at the 100%.