Love your neighbor.

It's a Great Day When You Get to Serve....


Today was our Just an Other's Day event for the month of July and it was a great one--not that the others haven't been but today just seemed different. We were able to help two of our neighbors out with yard work they needed done. It was great to have a fun time while working and I was able to make some new friends, volunteers and neighbors--it just doesn't get any better than that! What a privilege it was to spend time in prayer with the volunteers before we started our work, and then with each neighbor. God was a part of each conversation that was had with each of our neighbors and what another great thing to have happen; it is just not about the work as I said before but uplifting each other up as we live this life on earth together. We as volunteers laughed, we shared things about ourselves with one another, and we worked hard in making someone else's life a little better, all the while lifting our own spirits up. How great it was that God carried us through the morning with his faithfulness for our strength and safety to carry out His work, by serving others, we were serving Him--that is another great thing to do! How great that the weather held out until we were done and then it rained! Yep, it is a great day when you get to serve a greater God. For those of you that missed today, we have another Just an Other's Day event coming up in August--second Saturday--go mark your calendar now so you don't miss out! A special thank you to the volunteers that came out this morning and helped make this morning great.....Shane and Amanda Wissing and family, Larry Yarian, and Harry Exford!