Love your neighbor.

Greater things are still to be done in this city....


The season is changing and with that comes for me the feelings of being overwhelmed. As I think of the projects that need to be done yet, those requiring help before the cold winter months set in, it is just almost a panic can I get all this work done, how can I get these people helped? Who can I go to for the expertise I need? Who will help me? Who, who, is a mind-boggling question and the work is unsurmoutable to me. This past summer, a song became very familiar to me as our church sang it as a theme song. The words of the chorus is what struck me and has stayed with me to this day and come to mind as I write this, "Greater things have yet to come And greater things are still to be done in this city". I suppose that there are several ways you can look at and analyze these words and decipher their meaning. Perhaps it can mean that there is a lot to be done for others and when we serve others, we are serving Christ, there are great things that have been done already and greater things yet to be done--all right here in our own city. We have so many people that are trying so hard to survive with needs but I think more so, people who just want to know that they have not been forgotten as they feel shoved into the very corners of our busy lives so tightly that they have become unseen and unheard. No one is coming to their rescue, no one is answering their call for help. I try to imagine that those people are me and how difficult it must be to be in need of sometimes something so simple and no one answers the simplest of calls for a task that would take so little time. I would feel so insignificant, so unloved, so forgotten. I think that one of the number one diseases in this nation is lonliness, that heart wrenching feeling of despair. Can you imagine some of these people who in their prime were so self sufficient that they were the ones helping others and now, as they find themselves aging or with disabilities or having fallen on tough times, in a spot they never thought they would be in? Then, to top it all off, to finally find the courage to ask for help only to find out that no one is really going to give will have to wait and wait and, that would be tough. I am asking you, imploring you, to put yourself in their shoes, to find the compassion of Christ in your hearts and go out and serve today. There are so many who are hurting and a caring gesture, a loving smile or completed project will make their day--might change their life--will show them that someone does care about them in this kingdom here on earth. I think of the greatness that will happen when we join together in making the needs of others more important than our own, when we reach out in the compassion that our Lord had, when we serve with open hands and heart--then greater things will be done in this city....He will be seen!