Love your neighbor.



I have been thinking about teams a lot lately....about what it is like to have a team that plays well together, what winning looks like and that special camaraderie teams have. My husband and I follow a certain baseball team during the summer and they are usually on top, I don't think many like them because of this but they play well together, they know how to work together and get the job done. I think sometimes our life can be like that. We are in a tough game called life and we are most always playing against a tough opponent. During this game, I sometimes have to rely heavily on God and He never fails me. I pray to Him when I know that I have been painted into a corner.... but why is it when I get to that point that I finally remember to look up? I have been working on that. I want to look up more, to rely on Him for more of everything, every moment of the day rather than wait until I realize that I have once again tried to do it on my own. What I realize in this is my human frailty and then I get to see God's power, His majesty and His faithfulness to me, even when I am not that faithful to Him. I know He is walking alongside of me all day long, I just want to be more aware that He is there--I know that He is on my team and I want to be a good team player, I want to remember that the game is not won by being out on the field alone. Recently, I have experienced Him in the answering of prayers, of course He always answer prayers--for all of us-- but I am not sure that we wait for the answer or realize that when the answer comes it was from Him. NeighborLink is God's ministry, you and I are just the tools He is using to get His work here on earth done, we are a team. Sometimes though, I know that there are needs that I cannot meet, like a dumpster or food for volunteers and my humanness steps in and wants to fix it....I can't, but He can and He did. After taking those needs to Him in prayer and asking Him to provide and expecting Him to, He provided. It is truly amazing to see Him at work and what a blessing to then be able to share with others His wonderful deeds and just how sovereign He is. BUT, it requires us to do our part of the team. He expects us to pray and ask Him for what we need, and to be His vessels, His tools of the trade to speak love into those who so desperately need it. Recently NeighborLink has experienced some growing pains--good ones but ones that have left seats that were filled by wonderful men empty on our Board--we have been such a good team together. We have been blessed by these men as they have been very instrumental in taking care of some much needed projects, loving the clients and orchestrating some teams to help get other projects done. In taking our new need to God for new members on the team (Board), God has answered in a very different way so far. He has sent small groups from churches and interested people to NeighborLink to complete projects, to do that very work that He has asked each of us to do. So, although we are still in need of help on the Board, what a blessing to realize that God is answering our prayer in His way in sending us more hands and feet to serve those He loves. Who knows--one of those individuals just might be a new Board member down the road--God's plan is perfect! If you ask me, it is a pretty game plan, we ask and we receive but we also have to play our is all part of that relationship that He cherishes. What a wonderful coach we have and all He asks is that we be team players. Go NeighborLink! Go Team!