Love your neighbor.

Mission Week 2015


NeighborLink just completed its first Mission Week with the great help of Next Step Storm of which this week would not have happened. We started the week on April 27th and completed officially on May 2, having to be back at the last job site one more day--the roofing project--to finish up as the lack of man power got the best of us that last day. I will tell you though what was not lacking and that was the presence of the Almighty! He showed up in the weeks preceding Mission Week by answering prayers for funding for food and for a container for roofing material. He showed up all week as He kept us strong through His Word as we began each day with scripture and prayer and lifting each other up as we gave Him glory and honor for the day before and the day to come; He provided safety all week as well as beautiful days in which to be out serving. It was great to see a total of 74 volunteers--sometimes the same, sometimes different, come and go each day, to make new friends, to connect with one another as a part of the body of Christ. Together we completed a total of 13 projects serving a total of 20+ people in those six days. The "+" comes from the fact that one of the projects was for CrossFire Ministry with a roof repair and who knows how many people will come through those doors for counseling and help in the months to come. As I reflect back on this past week, I am refreshed by the Awesome God we serve and what a privilege it is to serve Him by serving others. For me, it just isn't enough to have the knowledge of Him, I want to know Him in my heart, and then show it to others through my hands. It doesn't do anyone any good if it remains in my head.....not even me. I am always so blessed, beyond measure to be able to go out and serve others, to meet them where they are, to pray with them and show them someone cares. And what fun we had serving together as we shared our lives with each other, some of us having met for the first time. I don't know, I think that I will be dwelling on this past week for some time, to glean from it what I have learned about myself, others and about the Lord. I know that I will be smiling every time I think of the interior of my car being washed (thank you again, Janet...) or the great breakfasts we started the days out with (thank you Anne and Marcia), at how special it is to live in Auburn, IN where you can get donuts at a discount (thank you Tom's Donuts) and coffee for your volunteers for free (thank you Starbucks) just because we live together in community--Kim, from Next Step Storm, just kept saying, "This would never happen in Birmingham....", I was so proud of my hometown. But more so, I was so thrilled to be serving Him intentionally all this week; to serve with a variety of like-minded people who understand why we do this---because of the great love that was shown to us on the cross where an innocent man died for each and every one of us so that we may live forever, seems like a small price to pay to respond back with showing love in return to our fellow man.